How to Get Away From It All Without Going Anywhere cuisines

So many people when they have returned from taking a trip say, “I need a vacation from my vacation.” This usually occurs if there is a lot of travel involved in the holiday or if people have over-scheduled their activities to take advantage of the wealth of tourist attractions at their destination. So, apart from reinstating your healthy eating and sleeping habits, how do you get some rest, relaxation and enjoyment when the “vacation” is over or too far into the future?

Here are five great tips to on how to get away from it all without going anywhere:

Mini-spa experience

Just because it isn’t summer doesn’t mean that you can’t pamper yourself. Whether you make an appointment for a free makeover, schedule a massage or manicure, or indulge in some cosmetic goodie or extra, it’s a great way to carve out some time for you. Even taking a shower or bath by the light and fragrance of aromatherapy candles can be a nice break from the ordinary.


Remember all those books and magazines you lay aside thinking you’ll have plenty of time to read them when you go on vacation? Well, why not now? The cooler seasons bring rainy, cloudy days that many booklovers (me included) proclaim are ideal reading weather. Just make sure that you are reading what you want to, not what somebody else said “you should” read, as this is a surefire trigger for procrastination.

Bring the exotic into your everyday experience

Part of what we like about going away for vacation is being able to experience things out of our ordinary, day-to-day experience. So, who’s to say that has be the exclusive domain of a formal “vacation”? Treat yourself and your family to a special breakfast on the porch with the fine china you only use once in a blue moon. Go to a restaurant that features cuisine you’ve never tried. Visit a store that specializes in international wares and pick up a little something from a foreign locale to add a little bit of mystique to your normal decor.

Try something new

More often these days, people incorporate learning experiences into their vacation experiences. So, why not sign up for a class or workshop? You can tackle personal development, acquire a new skill, learn some history or take up a new hobby. Any way you choose to do it, opening doors to new experiences can also lead to a rejuvenation of the spirit.

Be a tourist at home

Unless you have played tour guide to an out-of-town relative or friend, you may not have visited tourist destinations or historical sites in your own city or region. Get a visitor’s guide from your city and hit the town. Viewing local attractions alongside tourists can be an eye-opener and offer you a fresh perspective on the place you call home. Additionally, If you don’t already, make plans to attend events at your local theater, symphony or museum. Too many of us will do these things when we are “out of town” and don’t take advantage of the wonderful arts communities and tourist attractions in our own communities.

So, if you feel the need to get away from it all, remember that you don’t necessarily need to leave home. Sometimes a great vacation is right in front of you!

Copyright 2005 Vivian Banta